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Hello, World!

Hello, World!

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Below are some of the Radio Stations I Broadcast with, which are RED APPLE RADIO STATION (Wednesday's/ Friday's 6-8pm Saturday's 3-5pm), ISLAND STAR RADIO ( Wednesday 6-8pm), RHYTHM CITY FM ( Friday's 6-8pm)and TeamSoca (12-2pm)




The Hangover Sundays 12pm-2pm


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Hello, World!

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It all started when...
Morpheus Sound System was born out of a long lasting relationship between friends, who all discovered a passion for the same thing, music. It all began years ago in the community of Mon Repos where all members at the time resided. Through their daily interactions they realized that between all of them they had a remarkable collection of music. This discovery sparked interest and incited that group of friends then known as the “Wooding Street Crew,” to put their individual collections together to form a music library. As time went on, simply collecting music could not suffice this group of enthusiastic youths. Upon discussion and research they decided that they wanted to explore the possibility of becoming a sound system. Discovery led to interest, interest led to thought, thought led to research and research led to action. The “Wooding Street Crew,” wasted no time and pursued that possibility by pooling their resources to purchase then a Pioneer Mixer and two Discmans, which they would play through a well-amplified radio. Through sheer determination and zealous practices they further discovered that they had the capability and talent to truly become a sound system. Therefore, the process repeated itself and again, discovery led to interest, interest led to thought, thought led to research and research led to action. The action taken this time was the purchasing of two Technique Speaker Boxes, an amplifier and a Gemini D.J CD Player. As practices continued and confidence grew, this group of individuals were no longer satisfied with simply being known as the “Wooding Street Crew,” but in fact were now confident enough to advertise themselves as the Morpheus Sound System. May, 2002 is dated as the actual time that this transition took place. The name Morpheus was not chosen from the movie “The Matrix,” but rather from one of its members, who stumbled across the word. Morpheus stands for a Greek God known as the God of Dreams. The name was found to be quite appropriate by all of its members because Morpheus Sound System has big dreams. Through diligence, commitment, discipline, sacrifice, and hard teamwork they would strive and achieve all of their objectives and goals. They have grown considerably in confidence, skill, knowledge, creativity, popularity and are ready to take it to the next level whereby Morpheus Sound System would become a household name and a positive, profitable business organization. To aid in this objective, Morpheus Sound System formed a committee to handle the affairs of the group, i.e. marketing, public relations, promotions, accounting etc. A breakdown of the composition of this group would be found on the following page. May 2004 signaled two years of young men trying and not giving up on their dream. They have been doing great for themselves and are continuing to maintain that passion that they started off with, always coming up with new ideas for improvement and development. This group of young men and its newly formed committee will always strive to achieve an image of integrity, class, style, transparency so that it will develop and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between Morpheus Sound System and its public.
As you enjoy the continued positive vibes and wonderful music, contact DJ Morpheus Entertainment for all your events and entertainment needs at 973-224-9399 or www.morpheus4life@yahoo.com. Thank you for visiting this site and hope to have you as a continued supporter of the movement!